Thursday, 1 May 2014

Epic: Chaos Marines - Whirlwinds

Here we go with a couple of detachments of Whirlwinds for my growing Epic Chaos Marine force.

Of all the models I've painted so far these are the ones I've enjoyed the least. Apart from getting them from a seller on ebay for a song, everything else I did went wrong on these:

  • I ran out of spraycan primer before they were fully basecoated,
  • My second can of spray was faulty and dribbled paint from underneath the nozzle all over my patio whilst I sprayed - I only noticed when I felt my hand was cold and wet and looked to find my fingers (and shoes!) were covered in black paint.
  • My drybrushed purple just wouldn't go on for some reason - it took about 6 layers to get to the finish you can see in the photo. When doing the Rhinos and Landraiders earlier in the project I did it in one layer.
  • I then had a nightmare painting the white paint on the missiles - just couldn't get an even finish.

In the end I gave up with a "these'll do".

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