Friday, 23 May 2014

Epic: Chaos Marines - Warlord Titans - WIP (Part 3: More Green Stuff and some Bitz)

The final part of the "construction phase" of my Epic scale Chaos Warlords is complete.

In my previous post I mentioned how much I'd enjoyed working with the Green Stuff and that I was planning to add some more to the models.

Well, I've added a couple of Chaos widgets from my bitzbox and a little more green stuff finished them off nicely.

For my first Titan I added a "butt-flap" (actually a bit of Beastman accoutrement) to his "loins" with a little greenstuff to extend it...

...and an eyeball with tentacles to his Carapace!

My second Titan also got a "butt-flap", some horns (from a Chaos Warrior's helmet) & chin-tentacles...

...and a big Chaos icon (actually a Chaos Warrior standard top) on his carapace, held down by tentacles.

The third Titan was already looking Chaotic enough, I think, so I didn't add any more to it:
As shown in my previous post
Next phase - painting!

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