Orks (Warhammer 40,000)

Here is my Ork army for Warhammer 40,000. I've put off working on these guys for years. I think Orks are great, brilliant fun but I do find paining them a bit of a grind. That said, I do quite enjoy painting their flesh.

What can I say - I'm a contrary sort.

On the subject of being contrary: You'll no doubt notice that there is a mixture of Evil Sunz heraldry here intermingled with Goff checkers. The reason is simple: They are Evil Sunz, but I like the checkers so I added some anyway. If you are unhappy with that please don't tell me: I'm very unlikely to alter it to cheer you up.

This page will grow as I complete more units.
A warboss
And his Squigs
Nobz Mob #1

Boyz Mob #1

Killa Kan#1

Killa Kan #2

Killa Kan #3

Rogue Trader era Dreadnought, using as Kill Kan #4

Kan's en masse

Boyz Mob #2
Gretchin Herd #1

Nobz Mob #2

More Ork stuff: