Sunday, 13 August 2017

Blood Bowl: Skaven - "Skavenblight Skumbags" (Part 2 - Some Linemen)

Finally! This monkey (well, rat) is off my back!

This team has been causing my guilt gland to seep for over 25 years.

I bought them and let them lie for years. When I did get started on them, I got part way through and then let them lie again. Then a few years later I did a bit more and then set them aside again.

When I next looked at them in decided I liked the red and yellow colour scheme but wasn't satisfied with the work I'd done. So they went into the Dettol and there they sat.

But now I have at long last given them the attention they deserve and have taken them to the workbench long enough to actually finish them!

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Friday, 4 August 2017

Blood Bowl: Skaven - "Skavenblight Skumbags" (Part 1 - Test model: Rat Ogre)

This Blood Bowl team has been hanging over my head like a (literal) lead weight for about 25 years. I bought them way back during the 2nd edition of the game (about 25-30 years ago I would guess) and made a small start on them, then got bored, dropped the entire hobby for a while and since getting back into Wargaming about a decade ago have been feeling guilty about not finishing them off.

Well, their time has come. I'm working my way through my cupboard of shame, bit-by-bit and now it's come around to these guys.

Oddly enough, I've chosen to start with the one model I added to the team most recently, which is a Rat Ogre. It's not even a Blood Bowl Rat Ogre, but a Warhammer Fantasy Battle model. Near enough, though.

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