Skavenblight Skumbags (Blood Bowl)

With the exception of the Rat Ogre, these models have been a source of shame for over 25 years. I bought them way back when GW released Blood Bowl 2nd Edition and made a faltering start on painting them, put them down for (probably at least) a decade, did a bit more on them, gave up again for (probably) another decade, picked them back up, decided I could do better and paint-stripped them.

And there they sat, until now, when I finally picked them up and started again.

The colour scheme of Red & Yellow you see in the photos is the same colour scheme I always intended for them and I'm pleased to say that even after all these years I stand by my choice - I like it :)

The Skavenblight Skumbags

Rat Ogre - actually a Warhammer (not Blood Bowl) model

Some Linemen

Gutter Runners (Catchers)

Some more Linemen

Storm Vermin (Blitzer)


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