Pirates! (Frostgrave)

"Ye better be sure about this, wizard! If ye're leadin' me crew into an empty city for no reason I'll have your gizzards out!" Panted the Pirate captain as he slogged up the hill, his rag-tag crew yomping along behind in a noisy clatter of weapons, buckles and supplies.

"Worry not, good Captain," replied the wizard. "The riches in this city are there for the taking. As agreed, you and your men can help yourselves to the spoils, once I've taken my pick of the treasure we find. That, plus the ample salaries I'm paying you and your crew should keep you in grog for some time."

"Curse ye!" Exclaimed the captain as he stumbled on a loose rock. "It better had. Me and me crew don't like being on land. It's taken two days to hike from the bay to this benighted hole. When do we get there anyway?"

The wizard and the Pirates reached the crest of the hill and the spectacle of the ruined city of Felstad revealed itself before them.

"We're here, Captain. Now the work begins. Arm yourselves."

"Why, damn ye? Ye said this place was deserted!"

"I said there were no living souls here." said the wizard, extending his arm to indicate a horde of zombies, eating the still-steaming carcass of some furred creature, rendered unrecognizable due to its mauling. "I didn't say anything about wild animals or the dead. Let's go."

Arrr, me hearties!

I have put together a small warband based on Black Scorpion's miniatures for their "Cutlass!" game.

They're fantastic models, made of resin and at just £2 each very reasonably priced.

So here they are for your delectation, ye scurvy swabs!
My Wizard - a Black Scorpion Cleric from the Pirates range.
The Wizard's Apprentice - a Navigator from Black Scorpion
The Dynamic Duo!

In my force, pistols count-as bows so I'm using this model as an Archer

This "ship's doctor" model will represent a Thug
Due to the lack of a shield this model will probably be a Treasure Hunter

And despite the brilliant opulence of this model he's just a humble infantryman 
Another lady-pirate Infantryman

A possible Ranger, but only because he's wearing a hood
Another female Infantry model
This dual-pistol toting sea-swab will count as a Crossbowman
The ship's cook, counts as a Thug. Looks like he might have a head start on the treasure-hunting with the crock he's carrying. 
The Cabin Boy - representing a Thief!
Another treasure hunter

The whole motley crew

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