Pirates! (Frostgrave)

Arrr, me hearties!

I have put together a small warband based on Black Scorpion's miniatures for their "Cutlass!" game.

They're fantastic models, made of resin and at just £2 each very reasonably priced.

So here they are for your delectation, ye scurvy swabs!
My Wizard - a Black Scorpion Cleric from the Pirates range.
The Wizard's Apprentice - a Navigator from Black Scorpion
The Dynamic Duo!

In my force, pistols count-as bows so I'm using this model as an Archer

This "ship's doctor" model will represent a Thug
Due to the lack of a shield this model will probably be a Treasure Hunter

And despite the brilliant opulence of this model he's just a humble infantryman 
Another lady-pirate Infantryman

A possible Ranger, but only because he's wearing a hood
Another female Infantry model
This dual-pistol toting sea-swab will count as a Crossbowman
The ship's cook, counts as a Thug. Looks like he might have a head start on the treasure-hunting with the crock he's carrying. 
The Cabin Boy - representing a Thief!
Another treasure hunter

The whole motley crew

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