Monday, 28 September 2015

Tau: Tanks (part 7 - Devilfish 2 Airbrushing complete)

I'm making frustratingly slow progress on this part of my Tau project as "real life" keeps throwing me curveballs. Still at least progress is being made.

Another set of airbrushing finished. Well, almost. As I look at the photos here I've just noticed I've completely omitted painting the top hatch on this model! What (as Bugs Bunny might say) a maroon!

Three (and a hatch) to go...

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Tau: Tanks (part 6 - Devilfish 1 Airbrushing complete)

I've made some more progress this week and have managed to complete all the airbrushing work on my first Devilfish.

I've still got work to do - I need to get my brushes out next and paint in details like the Tank Commander, lamps, viewports and some edge-highlighting on the dark-grey bits. Then it's decals. varnish, finished!

Apart from the other four tanks...

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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Tau: Tanks (part 5 - some progress at last!)

Life has suddenly become very busy and tiring for me. Real life, that is - not hobby life.

I did however, manage to squeeze in a couple of hours work this week on my Tau tanks and have made a pleasing amount of progress.

They now look like this:
Two Devilfish - overexposed :(

Same two tanks from the top

My other three tanks - a Devilfish (front and center) and two multi-puropse chassis - see below

Same three tanks

One of my multi-purpose (or given that this is a Tau army should that be Porpoise?!?) chassis fitted out as a Skyray

Same chassis, same configuration

Same chassis as an Ion-Cannon fitted Hammerhead

Same chassis, same configuration

Same chassis fitted with rail-gun

Same chassis, same configuration
Ahh - magnets!

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Tau: Tanks (part 4 - slow going)

I've been finding it difficult recently to get much work done - I've had to do dribs & drabs of work in 20 minute bursts here and there. I'm still making progress but not at anything approaching the speed I'd like.

Here's what I've got so far:

Here's one tank from a few different angles:

I've a small amount more airbrushing to do - the top hatch on the shown model needs doing. Some components are not done (a few back doors, the hammerhead/skyray turrets) and all the drones need to be done - I'll tackle them next. There are a few corrections that need to be made in a few places where a bit of overspray got away from me.

Then I can get my brushes out and add some details before doing decals and finishing off.

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