Tau (Warhammer 40,000)

Here you will find my record of my growing Tau army.

I had two major aims in mind when I started this project:
  1. Every model would heavily feature airbrushing work,
  2. I would not use any metallic paint on any model.

Both aims were a real departure from my usual mode of work but I'm very happy with how it's turning out.

My first Fire Warrior Squad...
My first Fire Warrior Squad (different angle)... 
My first Fire Warrior Squad (different angle)...

Piranhas - drones will be added later

Another angle on the Piranhas

Riptide with Ion Cannon

Same  Riptide, but with the Ion Cannon swapped out (I love magnets!)

Same Riptide, different angle

Some Tetras

Same Tetras, different angle

My Barracuda's base
Barracuda - another angle
Pathfinders. Mostly actually Fire Warriors with grenades in place of backpacks and no shoulder pads. The squad leader is a tank commander model from the Devilfish kit. The binoculars seemed appropriate for the squad.
My second Fire Warrior squad

My second Fire Warrior squad - different angle

Devilfish 2

Devilfish 3

Devilfish 4

Devilfish 5

Other Tau-related stuff: