Death Guard (Horus Heresy)

I've been reading some of the Horus Heresy novels recently and it's spurred me on to picking up a project which I purchased models for a couple of years ago and which ended up in the "cupboard of shame". I decided a Heresy Marine army would be fun to build and I resolved to do so using old models from the early "RTB01" says of Warhammer 40K and that era.

So here it is - this is going to be an ongoing project with a new unit being added every few weeks, I hope.

My Primarch: Mortarion. Not a GW model, but I believe a Reaper Minis model. Shown alongside another Marine for scale purposes. 

This is the first model I painted for this force - he will eventually become a unit sergeant I think.

Deathshroud Terminators - converted from regular plastic termies with FW Powerscythes added
An old "Rogue Trader" Dreadnought painted up in Legion colours.

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