Garroting'em Forest (Blood Bowl)

My fourth complete Blood bowl team - the human team of Garroting'em Forest.

I make no apologies for the awful name - I like puns. I'm not a fan of Nottingham Forest, nor is this in any way a nod to GW who are based in Nottingham. I just aim for puns that will make a grown man cry.

I'm a good shot.

Anyway, this is actually a repaint of a team I built about two-and-a-half decades ago. They were originally mainly white with blue and orange trim. They were very "washed out" though so this time up I decided to concentrate on just the blue and orange.



Linemen (also includes some Blockers which used to be allowed in the Human team)

Throwers (and one kicker, which used to be "a thing")
More Garroting'em Forest stuff:

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