Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Stormcast Eternals - Part 6 - Liberators 2

As always, leaping back and forth between projects.

Many weeks ago I wrote a post showing what was next in line for my slowly growing Stormcast force. I've finally got some actual paint down and am able to share with you the results.

Of course those horrible GW types have gone and released Soul Wars since so my army (and therefore to-do list) is about to get a lot bigger.

I've actually completed two more units - these guys and some Vanguard Hunters who I will share in a following post.

So, my 2nd unit of Liberators (who were not quite so boring to paint this time around - don't know why) are here:

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Friday, 10 August 2018

Wargames Wasteland HQ (Part 9 - adding features to tiles)

So at this point I have seven tiles cut, assembled and textured with gritty black paint.

Time to start bringing them into line with my models' basing scheme.

For forever-and-a-day I've been basing my models with a view to at some point building a games table for myself. They look like this (shown here on a small vignette I constructed to serve as a photo booth):

As you can see the scheme is basically an ash-waste, with some scrubby grass and patches of snow.

So I'll begin with a boatload of drybrushing:

My son Noah -  my most valued assistant on this project. Shown here in a drybrushing frenzy!

Once all the drybrushing was completed, we painted on some patches of PVA and added grass patches (a 50-50 mixture of Javis "spring" flock and "summer" static grass). I've not attempted to get the static grass to stand as I will be storing these tiles stacked up in a pile so it would get flattened anyway.

Once that was done, we painted on some more PVA and then added snow (Bicarbonate of Soda from the local supermarket).

Once all was dry, I mixed up a 50-50 mix of PVA and water in a spray bottle and gave the whole table a series of three heavy spray coats to seal everything down, leaving 24 hours between each for the previous to dry.

I'm getting there! I will add more to these surfaces shortly, but I'm itching to get stuck into the water features next.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Wargames Wasteland HQ (Part 8 - texturing the tiles)

With the first half of the tiles for the wargames table complete (there will be 14 tiles all told, I've built the first 7 so far) it's time to add some texture.

For this stage I've mixed up some black emulsion with some PVA and sharp sand and brushed it on. Applying the mixture is a matter of not brushing too hard (don't want to leave brush marks) and not too gently (also don't want big globs of sand that models will not stand flat on).

Once this has dried I can go over it and pick off any bits of gravel that are too large.

Wargames Wasteland HQ (Part 7 - the beach)

We've made a start on building one of the major water-features for our wargames table - the modular beach.

As you will see below, this is based on two tiles that can be deployed in a number of ways. I did a fair bit of thinking and experimentation with bits of paper to work out an approach for this and what I came up with enables me to place two tiles adjacent to each other like this:

Or I can rotate them nintey degrees and swap them over like this:
Both of the above images show the tiles as "end pieces" placed on the short edge of the table, but they will work just as well placed along the long edge of the table.

Or I can deploy them on their own as a corner tile, like this:
This tile has another sneaky feature. Remember that I'm intending all of these to work as double-sided tiles; if you flip this one over you will find that there's a lake cut into the baseboard (concealed in the upper right of the picture).

Or like this:

Friday, 27 July 2018

Wargames Wasteland HQ (Part 6 - First modular tile)

I made a doohickey!

I have started work on construction of the tiles to top my wargames table. I'd sized things in such a way that from five 8' x 4' sheets of 9mm MDF I could get:

  • eight 2' x 3' sections - these would form my table top and under-table shelves,
  • twenty-eight 2' x 2' tiles.
Q: Why on Earth do I need 28 tiles? 
A: I don't. I need 14 tiles.
Q; Why? It's only a 6' x 4' table - you can't fit more than 6 tiles on it? And why do you need 28 "bits"?
A: Because each one is 9mm thick and I have a hair-brained plan...

I'll try and explain.

16 of my 28 "bits" will have a river section, pond or shoreline cut into it and then be glued back-to back with another tile. The shoreline sections will be backed with a pond, and the others will be backed with an uncut square tile. I'll be doing this twice over - each tile will be double-sided with a grassy finish on one side and a wintry "ash-waste" on the other. I've tried to mock up what one set might look like in this dodgy little diagram:
This is intended to show each tile top (upper) and the lower that will be glued back-to-back with it.
The key things here are to ensure that:
Each tile is a perfect square - the local DIY store's timber cutting service did that for me.
Each river section starts and ends in exactly the same place on each tile.

That's where my doohickey comes in.

I simply got a couple of offcuts of wood & MDF left over from building the table:

You can see I've ruled a line across the bigger section - that marks where the smaller section will be screwed in place, like this:
My doohickey
I have used the tool to measure the points on the edges of the tile where the river exits. Doing this I can guarantee that each tile will be consistent and that the river will exit (as long as I cut it correctly!) in the dead center of every tile.

So, here is the end result on my first tile:

Monday, 23 July 2018

Blood Bowl: Humans (Garroting'em Forest - Part 4 - Throwers)

I mentioned in my first post in this short series that these models are antiques (in fact, they're older than my children and two of them have left home!)

That said, they're not a precise match for what is currently the standard line-up for a Human Blood Bowl team.

You'll notice that there are indeed some Throwers, but there are also some Kickers, who for my purposes "Counts as" Throwers (well, their main job is to move the ball through the air to another player. Who cares if they use their hands or their feet, right?)

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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Wargames Wasteland HQ (Part 4 - Table frames complete)

A big step - we have completed building the frames that will support our games table.

All four frames have been bolted together. The intention has always been that this should be built such that it could be dismantled and moved should I ever need to do so. The last thing I want to do is to put something together that I'd need to trash the shed to move!

It's not perfect - there are slight differences in levels here and there so some planing and sanding will be required to smooth it all out. But it's solid - there's no give or wobble.

More Workshop stuff: