Monday, 20 October 2014

Tau: Riptide (Finished)

And here is the finished Riptide.

First off - Great Model - well done Citadel! Great fun to build, great fun to paint.

I've magnetized the model so the main weapon and support systems can be swapped out. You can see the main weapon swapped in and out in the photos below. There are a couple of widgets that go on the weapon - I've left

I've not painted the smaller weapons and support systems yet (they'll get done alongside the XV-8 battlesuits as they're all the same parts and the XV-8's will be magnetized too).

Very happy with this chappy. On to the next job: Piranhas!

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Tau: Riptide (WIP Part 3)

Getting there, stage-by-stage.

Mr. Riptide now has a base, a head and some (attempted) glowing bits. I've also added some highlights on some of the larger features on the jump-pack engines (which still need a bit of tidying up).

Still to do: arms, weapons (magnetised for swappability), nova shield and decals. Minor adjustments here and there.

I'm also planning to add some detail to the base - a shot-down drone, I think.

On the home straight.

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Friday, 10 October 2014

Tau: Riptide (WIP Part 2)

He's coming along nicely. Still needs basing, arms, weapon, shield and a head, but I'm getting there.

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tau: Riptide (WIP Part 1)

So on to the next part of the Tau army.

I'm gaining more confidence with the airbrush with everything I do and am determined to make extensive use of it in this project. I've started work on assembly and painting of the Riptide model - I've built it in sections that I can try and paint without too much overspray so I can keep the lines neat where possible.

I started off by building the Riptide's legs (feet, calves & thighs) as two separate items, the hips were built separately, as were the armour plates on the thighs (only one shown here).

The black parts of the legs were a bit of a challenge - I sprayed them black (easy enough) and then needed to work out a way of doing some highlights. I started off applying a blue colour to match with the blue cloth highlights on my Fire Warriors, but I didn't like the effect so painted them black again and then highlighted in a Vallejo dark grey colour before dusting with white.

They were then given a very light drybrushing with a mid-grey colour to pick up some edges.

I'm not done with these legs yet - I want to do more with the rounded disks with the slots in.

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Friday, 3 October 2014

Tau: Tetras (Complete)

It so nearly went horribly, horribly wrong!

My plan according to my "mission statement" was to attempt a digital camo pattern on my vehicles.

In one sense I completed that mission in as much as I attempted it. In another sense I failed miserably as the end result was shocking. Utterly horrible. A combination of poor stencilling/masking and a poor choice of colours caused an abject failure.

I did go some way towards proving it could be done, but the process was so painstakingly slow on these three Tetras that the thought of applying it to them again, then moving on to three Piranhas and five Devilfish/Hammerhead/Skyrays and 30-odd Drones was just too daunting to face.

So I took a step back and simply applied the same techniques I'd used on my Pathfinders and totally fell in love with the results. I think these are probably the best W40K vehicles I've done so far.

A close-up to show some console detail

Really looking forward to tackling the rest now, which is nice as I was dreading it before!

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Monday, 29 September 2014

Tau: Tetras (WIP Update #1)

I'm really enjoying working on these models.

I'm about 80% done - the lower portion of the models are complete, as are the pilots (arms excepted). They are based and - IMHO - looking pretty good!

As I mentioned in my first post, this is my first go at airbrushing a vehicle of any kind and I'm feeling very happy with the result so far.
I've shot these from different angles to show the various sides of the models

I'm determined to push my airbrushing nerves aside as I wrote in my "mission statement" so for the upper portion of the models I'm working on a digital camo paint effect - I should know soon if it's going to work.

More news as it comes in...

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Friday, 26 September 2014

Tau: Tetras (WIP)

I'm busily (well, not really that busily) working on my first vehicle unit - a squadron of Tetra skimmers.

These are resin models produced by Forgeworld and as such constitute two firsts for me:

  • My first experiments with resin,
  • My first airbrushed vehicle.

Tetras are a fast-attack option, much like piranhas but are only armed with twin-linked pulse rifles and a markerlight. They are piloted by pathfinders.

Now these are a long way from being finished and the photos below are a bit haphazard (please forgive me for that) but I'm enjoying working on them so much and so pleased by the results so far that I thought I'd share them.

A lot of the colour hasn't come out too well in the photos - I'll try and do better for the finished articles.
These are the three chassis for the Tetra squadron. Apart from some brush-work to pick up the console details, they're pretty much done.

Here's a shot with the pilots and carapace resting in place, on a base. Obviously the pilots don't yet have arms and the engines need doing.

And the same model from the front. The white carapace isn't going to stay white - my intention is to stencil a digital camo effect on it.

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