Friday, 30 June 2017

Epic Ultramarines: Bike squad 1

It's been a long time coming, but a modicum of work has been picked up on my Epic-scale  Ultramarine force.

I have to say I dislike the Epic bike models - I've always avoided actually painting them. I've not put a huge amount of effort into these as I simply couldn't be bothered so they've been given a basic "tabletop standard" paintjob.

All that said, one of the models is slightly different than the others: the rightmost model  on the centre base is a metal bike. Back in the day, GW used to bundle a metal model in the blister of any model you bought (buy a Titan, get a randomly selected model (might be a Marine, Bike, Thudd gun etc.) for free).

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Nurgle Knight Titans - Part 12 (Second Knight Finished)

I have completed (almost - I think I'll have another go at the freehand on the banner at some point) my second Nurgle Knight! One more to go.

I have photographed these on my standard (and getting very tired now) backdrop. Some of my other recent models are visible - either ignore them or please let me know your favourite theories why these knights are fighting a battle with Mortarion (not too much of a stretch), a Death Guard Marine (again - easy peasy), some fantasy Zombies (erm - you could make that work), a Kharadron Overlord (creaking significantly) and some Vikings (Medic!).
You'll notice from the photo above that this model is missing its shield and autocannon. That's not intentional - those parts were simply missing from the model when I picked it up second hand.

Left Flank


Right Flank

The Gruesome Twosome
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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Nurgle Knight Titans - Part 11 (Second Knight Started)

The second of my Chaos Knight conversions is firmly underway. I''m not planning to churn out as many blog posts to cover this knight as I did for the previous one as it is broadly following the same pattern of work.

As such, my first post finds me firmly half-way through the work with the model based, all the green-stuff work done and painting complete on the lower-half of the model:

Any of you who are keen eyed may note that the waist on  this model ends in a flat surface which is not usual for a knight. There's a good reason: I bought this model second-hand (thanks again, eBay!) and had utterly failed to notice from the photos posted on the auction that the model's previous owner had (for reasons only known to him/herself) attached the upper half of the model so that it was facing backwards.

Honestly. So the model was hack-sawed in two ("Cleft in twain" for Fantasy-oriented readers :) ).

It was nicely painted, and all the modelling work on the base is as it was when I bought it so I can only assume I got it from an experienced modeller. I guess it was probably a gaffe - the mini was clearly part painted before assembly (all the detail behind the face-armour had been painted) so I think it was probably mis-assembled at the last gasp. It must have been gutting for the previous owner and is probably why it ended up on eBay.

The model before I started reconstruction.
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Friday, 2 June 2017

Saga: Vikings (Part 4 - Warriors)

My last post on this project was at the beginning of January. It's June now. I've completed another unit - in Saga terms that is one point. A unit of 8 Bondi (Warriors).


Anyway - here they are (Not much to show for five months, eh?):

I promise it won't be five months before the next point is completed.

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