Thursday, 17 September 2015

Tau: Tanks (part 5 - some progress at last!)

Life has suddenly become very busy and tiring for me. Real life, that is - not hobby life.

I did however, manage to squeeze in a couple of hours work this week on my Tau tanks and have made a pleasing amount of progress.

They now look like this:
Two Devilfish - overexposed :(

Same two tanks from the top

My other three tanks - a Devilfish (front and center) and two multi-puropse chassis - see below

Same three tanks

One of my multi-purpose (or given that this is a Tau army should that be Porpoise?!?) chassis fitted out as a Skyray

Same chassis, same configuration

Same chassis as an Ion-Cannon fitted Hammerhead

Same chassis, same configuration

Same chassis fitted with rail-gun

Same chassis, same configuration
Ahh - magnets!

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