Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Epic: Chaos Marines - Warlord Titans - WIP (Part 2: Green Stuff)

Next in the process of getting my Titans ready for the table comes the part I'm most nervous about - adding Chaosy details with Green Stuff.

I'm no sculptor. Any successes I have had so far have tended to be with Milliput. I've always found Green Stuff hard to work with - it seems to constantly stick to my tools and work surface, no matter how wet I make things.

I was determined to give it another go, though, as I like the fact that when it's cured it's still got a pliable plastickyness to it which makes it less prone to snapping and abrasion.

So I got stuck in and for some reason, it all went better this time. I don't know why - it just did. I really enjoyed myself!

I added a mournful face to this shin-pad...

...and a big, organic gash to this one... eye over here...

...and this fella with his tongue out here...

...and then I decided to see if I could model some tentacles bursting out through the carapace. That's obstructed a weapon mount-point, but they're in plentiful supply on these models anyway.

I was so enthused by how the work went, that I got carried away and did more, which I'll show in my next post.

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