Monday, 19 May 2014

Epic: Chaos Marines - Warlord Titans - WIP (Part 1: Magnets)

Any good (or Chaotic) Epic-scale army would not be complete without a few Titans strolling around, stomping on tanks and killing folks as though they were germs. Mine is no exception.

Being someone who likes to game "on the cheap" and also enjoys exercising his minimal modelling skills, I decided to create my Chaos Warlord Titans from some old, broken, Imperial Warlords that I have.

For those of you too young to remember, the weakest part of these 20-year-old models was always the ankles. I have about a dozen of these things and at least half of them broke at that point.

I decided that the easiest thing for both strength and portability was to make use of this "feature", so instead of repairing them, only to break again, I installed magnets so that the main Titan model could be detached from its feet (and the base). this should make packing into a case easier too.

Magnets installed into the feet...

...and into the bottoms of the legs (photo shot from beneath)
Tails. Gotta have tails. A magnet inserted in the Titan's butt:

And some in some spare Chaos Spawn tails - job done!
I also decided to Chaos-up the close-combat weapons a bit. I'm using some old Fantasy Chaos-Spawn spares here to represent the Power-Fist weapon (there are other CC weapons available for Titans, but I'm not that great a modeller that I can come up with a variant for all of them). These are magnetised to attach to a magnet placed inside the carapace.

In order to still be able to attach other weapons should I want to, I magnetised the little adapter widgets (which I forgot to photograph) which normally push-fit into the hole in the carapace that now contains a magnet so I can still mount regular weapons too.

And this is what I've got so far - I've actually got three Titans I'm working on but these two pics should give the gist of what I'm getting from the magnets.

Please ignore the paintjobs on these as they are going to be over-painted - where paint can be seen it's years old and represents these Titans in their original battlefield role as Imperial, not Chaos Titans.

In my next post or two I'm planning to get busy with some customisations courtesy of some more items from my bits-box and some greenstuff.

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