Friday, 29 May 2015

Imperial Guard: Tank Renovation Project (Part 4a - Hellhound - half way there)

Time to turn my attention to my Hellhound, I think.Before renovation, it looked like this:

Broadly speaking I'm keeping the same basic colour scheme but the plan is to "beat it up" a bit so it looks weathered rather than the very childish "everything is just flat colours" that it is as shown above.

So I'm following the same process as in my other recent posts:

  • mask the tracks (I hate painting tracks black),
  • spray the whole thing grey,
  • mottle the grey by roughly daubing the whole tank with a slightly darker grey,
  • give the whole thing a heavy drybrushing of white,
  • add details (guns, gun barrels, 'scopes, hatches etc: - I'm half way through that phase in these photos - still got the Dozer and Prometheum tanks to finish).
  • apply decals,
  • apply rust weathering (sponge weathering - quick and easy),
  • all-over black oil wash.

This tank will take me to a landmark stage - when completed I will have more tanks in my army that are finished to a standard that I'm happy with than I simply had "tanks in my army" before I started this renovation project off. It's the first time that my Imperial Guard army has actually expanded in size since I painted my Valkyrie last year. I have three more tanks to go to finish it off after this one is complete and then I can get back to my Tau army (which I've been woefully sidetracked from!).

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