Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Imperial Guard: Tank Renovation Project (Part 3b - Chimeras: adding some texture)

I decided to paint my Chimeras in two pairs rather than all four at once, following the same process I've used on my other Imperial Guard tanks.

So I began by masking the tracks (as they're already mostly painted) and spraying the models with a flat grey rattlecan primer. I then randomly slopped on a slightly darker grey as done before:

Following that, a heavy white drybrushing. As one of the two models has its side armour constructed from foamboard, that left it looking a little flat so I added some "trompe l'oeil" rivets (a small spot of black paint followed by a small spot of white positioned just above it:
Taken with a flash to show up the drybrushing more

Next I will "black" all the rest of the metallic bits (guns, etc) before a chainmail drybrushing will go on.

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