Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Imperial Guard: Tank Renovation Project (Part 3a - Chimeras: rebuilding...)

Now the Leman Russes are done it's time to turn my attention to my Chimeras.

I recently doubled the Chimera count by picking up two more tanks from ebay. I knew when I bought them that they were both missing turrets. I had a spare in my bits box and was prepared to pick another up. What I hadn't realised simply due to not examining the photo clearly enough was that they were both also missing all of their side armour.

As my intention in buying from ebay was to bolster my force on the cheap, I decided that rather than buy bits from a bitz company I'd make them from paperhammer templates.

The side armour was far easier to do than the turret - I simply used some foamcore which is pretty much the correct thickness, glued the paper template to it and cut it out. Then I edged it with card cut using the template and hot-glued it in place.

The turret was far more difficult - I tried three different card types and had problems with them all.

Basically after scoring and folding they would start to break and the fibres would fray. I settled on the one that worked best but I'm not totally happy with it. For strength I filled it with hot-glue which I also used to hold the heavy flamer in place.

Can't wait to get these painted, but as I plan to begin by rattle-can basecoating as I did with my Leman Russes I need to wait for a break in some awful weather we're having here...

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