Friday, 15 May 2015

Imperial Guard: Tank Renovation Project (Part 3c - Chimeras: detailing begins)

I've started adding detail to the tanks now.

All the metallic bits have been blacked and drybrushed with chainmail, the Weapon housings and muzzles given their dark-red colour to match the rest of the army and the lenses painted on the turret 'scopes. I've painted the leather cowls over the hull-mounted weapons and and deaths-head/aquila thingy on the dozer-blade. Oh, the tarpaulin has been done too.
This model was bought as part of a pair from ebay. It had no turret or side-armour. The turret here came from my bits-box and you can see it's damaged. I'll either find something to cover that (and the scarring on the hull just below it) or will fudge it with some weathering. The side-armour is home-made from foamboard and card!

There is more detail I want to do - I want to do some hazard-markings on the rear hatches and the icon-heavy hatches on both sides need doing. I need to black-out the gun-barrels too then get decals/weathering etc. done.

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