Monday, 27 April 2015

Imperial Guard: Tank Renovation Project (Part 2c - Leman Russes: details and decals)

Hi again,

The Russes roll on.

Last time I had textured my models very quickly and simply. This brings my tanks to a stage where they are ready for the penultimate stage of detailing and adding decals.

I'm very much an advocate of the school of thought that says "for a good table-top standard finish, you don't need to paint every part of your model". A textured basecoat with good (but minimal) detailing and some weathering really (for me) does the trick.

So, that said, what I did next was to paint in details and add some decals:

Like I said - detailing is minimal. I've basically added some red to the guns, picked out the Aquila's and painted the aeriel, lights and sensor lenses. Maybe 15 minutes work per tank.

I've added a few decals too (I actually went back after these snaps were taken and added some ID numbers - you'll see them in the final part of this little series).

And that's it - weathering next (which is just as easy as the stuff I've done so far.

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