Thursday, 23 April 2015

Imperial Guard: Tank Renovation Project (Part 2b - Leman Russes: some texture)

Cracking on with getting my Leman Russes painted up what I tend to do after basecoating with a flat grey primer like I showed in my previous post is to add some texture to the tank's paintwork. These are intended to end up looking like they've been in service for decades and have been shipped from one theatre of war to the next, so the paintwork is going to look like it's been around a while in different atmospheric conditions.

So the first thing I have done is to liberally and randomly apply more grey paint over the body of the tank. This is a slightly darker shade than my rattlecan-basecoat and is just very quickly and roughly painted on with no attempt to make the finish look consistent ot neat (other than to avoid the metallic parts).

Next the whole model gets a single, quite heavy drybrushing with white paint.

And in this photo I've blacked in and then metallic-drybrushed all the metal bits.

This is intended to be a quick process. I'm working on three tanks at once and all this stage took was about one hour to do all three.

Next I'll add some details (gun barrels, lights & lenses etc.) and decals.

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