Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Imperial Guard: Sentinel Platoon (Part 5 - Armoured Sentinels with Multi-lasers)

From the outset I''ll say Multi-lasers - not my favourite weapons. Much like shining a set of torches at the baddies. OK against soft targets but rubbish against anything with even moderate armour.

So why did I build them? Simple: This whole project has been built out of ebay scrap lots which I picked up for (total) less than £50. At less than £5 per Sentinel (as opposed to the current retail price from GW of £18.50 each) I was prepared to take what I could get and what I got was Multi-lasers. They look similar enough to Lascannon that a "counts-as" isn't a great stretch anyway.

Anyway - this is the final squad to complete my platoon (a group-shot will follow in my next post on the subject).

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