Thursday, 16 April 2015

Imperial Guard: Tank Renovation Project (Part 1 - getting started)

Now that I've finished my Sentinels to the same standard as my Valkyrie and Baneblade, it's time to turn my attention to my other tanks.

Since I first painted my tanks I've picked up a few more models (a Leman Russ bringing my total to three, a pair of Chimeras [which have no turrets!] bringing my total to four, and a Forgeworld Solar Auxilia Dracosan Transport with several bits missing).

So I have 9 tanks to paint (or repaint) some of which (two Chimeras and the Dracosan) need extensive modelling work to bring them up to scratch.

So here is my current collection shown as a starting point to the project:

My original Leman Russes (right) and my new addition (rear left)

Chimeras with no turrets - sorry about the scrotty photo

My original Chimeras

Dracosan transport - you can see my repairs and greenstuff work (anything not beige)

Mu original Hellhound
I'll create a series of posts over the next few weeks dealing with these item-by-item starting with my Leman Russes.

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