Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Kings of War: Ogres (Ogre Captain)

I figured it was about time I picked up work on my long-neglected Ogre army for Kings of War.

To date I own 63 models for this army and have only painted a grand total of six. Not great progress (though I am pleased with what I've actually painted - does that count for anything?)

Anyway - I have painted up the Ogre Captain that will lead the force taking my grand total from six to seven models done. Occupational hazard of juggling armies, I guess. Especially when GW start releasing new stuff (like Kharadron Overrlords) and I've been nudged into picking up a project I did some collecting for a couple of years back but never started (Heresy Death Guard). That brings my roster of currently live projects to 8 forces. Way too many.

But fun.

More Ogres stuff: