Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Kings of War: Ogres (Warriors Unit 1)

So I've started another army! That gives me 5 different forces I'm  working on all at the same time!


Anyway - this time it's a set of Ogres from Mantic for Kings of War.

Kings of War is a great game - Mantic have done so well with this ruleset. Great fun to play.

So I got me some Ogres. I like Mantic's Ogres - I grew up with Citadel minis and these models hark back to the aesthetic that Citadel Ogres used to have before the design studio re-invented them as having big wobbly tummies.

They're made of Restic (Mantic's Resin) and - if I'm honest - they don't fit together too well. There was a lot of brute strength required to stick these guys together.

Mantic are very generous with parts though - several heads and arms are supplied so you can build them as either hand weapon and shield or two-handed weapons. There's not much room for poseach variation, however.

More Ogres stuff: