Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Vampire Counts: Bat Swarm

I've painted a lot of models since I started roleplaying and wargaming 30 years ago. These have got to be the most annoying models ever.

They're lead which - as I'm sure you all know - is soft. The little "stalks" are also lead. Guess what happens?

Go on - guess.

That's right - they bend. And break.

Guess what else - they're so small that drilling in order to pin and replace the stalks is very difficult.

The sculpts themselves are OK if a bit cartoony, I guess.

Anyway - I'd not long before visited a museum which had a stuffed bat and the one thing that struck me was how not-black bats actually are. Their wings are very like parchment and they seem to be very pinkish - presumably from bloodflow - along the boney parts.

I tried to incorporate some of that into my bats (and Varghulf and other models too).
1st three bases

2nd three bases

Whole unit
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