Thursday, 20 October 2016

Orks: Killa Kans - Part 4 (Dreadtober 2016)

Hi all - it's Dreadtober week 4 and I'm still enjoying working away on my Ork Kans.

This week is all about basing so I've added some snow & grass to the bases so that they fit in with my standard basing scheme and - just because it's Dreadtober - I've also added a few snotlings here and there. When looking at the models they seemed (despite my preference for keeping the palette to a low colour count when I'm working on models [I still wake up screaming when I think back to W40K 2nd edition]) to need something else to detract from the reds & metals. Details are still to be added but I'm mentally struggling to think of other colours that I feel will work on these models so adding some details that aren't part of the actual Kans themselves seemed a valid choice.

Half Kan, half Titan (Front)

Half Kan, half Titan (Rear)

Kan#2 (Front)

Kan#2 (Rear)
Kan#3 (Front)

Kan#3 (Rear)

Rogue Trader Dread (Front)

Rogue Trader Dread (Rear)

Put the bins out - it's collection day
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