Friday, 12 February 2016

Saga: Anglo-Saxons (Part 21 - Warriors Unit 2 - Day 3)

It's getting exciting now - this project is almost finished and the next one (a small force for Frostgrave) is waiting in the wings. In fact the work is queueing up like a sort of rowdy rabble, jockeying for position.
Some work done on clothing - all the under-armour tunics have been completed.
I'm not sure what will get done next - will it by my "long-overdue" Fantasy Undead? My "steeping in a bucket of Dettol for months" Traitor Marines? My "Woohoo GW are bringing Epic 40K back!" Ultramarines? Or my "Just bought a copy of Ronin" Samurai? Or should I finish my Tau? Should I paint my Imperial Knight? Or should I go back to Saga and do my Strathclyde Welsh or Vikings?

Argh! Too many choices.