Friday, 26 February 2016

Frostgrave:Pirates! (Part 2 - Archer)

I know what you lot are like so I'll start by saying from the outset that I know that this model isn't a model of an archer. I wanted a warband based on pirates because my lad loves pirates. You can't get pirates with bows so I'm saying that pistols count as bows.

As there are only going to be 13 models in my warband, I decided to depart from my usual method of painting units in a production line style to do one model at a time.  My logic is that as each model is unique that I will treat each as a character in its own right  and give it a bit more attention than a unit member would normally get.

The models in this force are fantastic minis and worthy of a bit of extra attention so it feels like the right way to go. They're resin miniatures from Black Scorpion. I'm still not claiming to be painting to a quality better than Acceptable Tabletop Standard, by the way.

So here's the first of the pirates for my Frostgrave force.

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