Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Frostgrave: Pirates! (Part 1 - the models)

Time for another new venture!

Another non-GW game. More non-GW models.

I'm making a foray into the Frostgrave game - it looks like a blast and will give me loads of room (and some motivation) to work on some scenery pieces too.

My lad loves pirates so I've decided to go with a pirate-themed warband.

After some searching I found these awesome models from Black Scorpion - £2 ($3US) each for high-quality resin models! Incredible!

These will be my apprentice and wizard   (Actually a ship's navigator and a cleric)

And these chaps will be a barbarian and apothecary (actually ship's cook and surgeon)
These lovely ladies will probably be archers (pistols will count as bows)
A ranger, I think

This "Cabin boy" will count as a Thief
I don't know what role she will fill yet.

I'll probably use these shifty-looking characters as basic Soldiers - I'm going to try to replace the guns with shields. Not sure what I'm going to do with the chap in the middle.
These classifications are subject to change as I see which models will accept shields and which I can sensibly trim pistols from and whatnot.

More news as it comes in...

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