Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Saga: Anglo-Saxons (Part 5 - Hearthguard Unit 1, Day 2)

Another pleasant evening's painting allowed me to get some detail on these models.

Now I found myself looking at these models after I'd finished work last night thinking "now why did I do that?"

"What?" you ask yourself?

Well, I have a more-or-less golden rule when painting. I do sometimes stray from it a little, but never this much. The rule is: start at the deepest recesses of the model first. Normally, that's flesh and skintight cloth. The idea is it's easy to ruin protruding details when poking your brush into recesses so avoid it by painting the recesses first.

So, howcome (I wonder) did I leave the skin until last this time?

No idea at all :-)

So, fabric all done, some snow on the bases, drybrushng complete on the woodwork, leather highlighted.

This took another 45 minutes so I'm 90 minutes in on these guys so far. Still having fun!