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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Saga: Anglo Saxons (Part 1 - building and basecoating)

Time to try something new.

I've been a player/collector of GW's models for so long it's easy to forget that there are other and often better games out there. Games with much cleaner, leaner rules.

I was recently fortunate enough for my friend Mike to give me some cast-off models and rules that he'd collected for the game Saga. He's not given up playing but just had more than he needed.

So, I am setting about turning his overflow into maybe two or three playable warbands.

I've started with some Anglo-Saxons.

So far they have simply been built, had bases textured and been sprayed black. They should hopefully start to look more interesting in short order.

All models are Gripping Beast minis with the exception of the mounted Hearthguard which are Wargames Factory.

As I'm working with donated models (and am too cheap to buy any more) I've not had free choice in what I'm working with. My Hearthguard (foot) and Warriors are all simply GB's "Saxon Thegns", but:

  • I've used heads from the Thegns (which are helmeted) for the Hearthguard and...
  • Heads from the sprues I used for my Levies (GB Dark Age Warriors) for my Warriors - they're un-helmeted so it will help distinguish between them on the tabletop.

Sorry about the gloomy photos - lighting was awful when taken.

My Warlord

My first Hearthguard unit

My second Hearthguard unit - mounted. These are Wargames Factory models with some Gripping-Beast heads. Not too keen on these fellas - the horses are miniscule and the riders' feet are bare. They also seem very "hollow-chested".

My third Hearthguard unit

Some Warriors

More Warriors

And finally some Levies
More Anglo-Saxons:
More Saga stuff (including Anglo-Saxons):

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