Thursday, 2 July 2015

Solar Auxilia - Dracosan Transport (Part 2 - starting to paint)

The paint is going on!

Since my earlier post, I've masked off the tracks, searchlight and weapons and then re-sprayed the whole tank with grey rattlecan primer.

The masking was removed and the whole tank brush-mottled with a slightly darker grey, before getting a heavy drybrushing in white.

Next I will start work on tidying up the details on the tank, which is all brush-work. I like this two-phased approach of "broad brush"/"detailed work". As long as you're prepared to treat the detailed phase as "pick out the important bits - don't try to paint everything" I end up with a tank which (I think) looks great overall and isn't too time-consuming to do.

More news as it comes in.