Sunday, 19 July 2015

Blood Bowl: Wood Elves - "Elverton" (Part 1: some linemen)

Unfortunately I discovered when I started working on them that the team I'd bought as a set some years ago didn't conform to the Blood Bowl rules. There was one too many Blitzer/Wardancer models. Given that I only had 15 models anyway, this meant just 14 playable. The maximum Blood Bowl team size is 16 models, so I needed two more recruits.

I had a few plastic Elves from an old GW game called "Kerrunch!" which was produced as a rules-light, budget intro to Blood Bowl many years ago. They're not great models, but they'll do.

I fully intended going to town on them and making them into a proper, brightly coloured team, but when I actually started looking at the Elf physiques and the way they were attired, I decided on a simple studded black leather look. I think it's worked. They look like extras from a 1980's "Hair Rock" video.

I promise the next team will be brighter. Honest.