Thursday, 4 June 2015

Imperial Guard: Tank Renovation Project (Part 4c - Hellhound - Decals on)

I'm approaching the end of the Hellhound refurbishment now - the decals are in place.

I've deliberately gone for more colour on the Hellhound than I did on my Chimeras to make it stand out from those models on the table. As they're both built on the same chassis the only really noticeable differences are the promethium tanks and the armour around the turret (and I don't think any of my Chimeras has the same turret as any other so I'm not counting that!)

So I've painted that turret armour, rear and side hatches and promethium tanks all in the same red that I've used uniformly throughout my army to add some flash to weapons, purely for the sake of battlefield visibility.

Just weathering to do now to finish it off.

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