Monday, 15 June 2015

Imperial Guard: Tank Renovation Project (Part 5a - More Chimeras - "where's me turret!!?!")

Two more Chimeras to do, but I'm only featuring one of them in this post.

My original tank-roster featured just two Chimeras. I wanted more transport for my troops. I'd made them more mobile by hiving off the heavy weapons teams into platoon support teams rather than being in the platoon squads proper, but having T3 Flak-armoured troops scuttling across an open field still leaves them pretty vulnerable.

So I wanted more transport.

Not averse to working but badly allergic to spending I found an ebay lot which I won getting 2 x Chimeras for just £20. The downside was that neither had any side armour or a turret.

Luckily I had the makings of a turret in my bitzbox (probably from the hellhound kit) but nothing for a second turret or side armour.

Side armour was easy - foamcore did the job nicely (as you may have already seen on my other chimeras when I tackled the first of the pair).

The turret I made somewhat ham-fistedly from card using a paperhammer template. I assembled it then used the best weapon I had (a hull-mounting heavy flamer with a bit of spare stubber for a "sight") which I hot-glued in place:

I then used some green-stuff to cover the ugly hole:

And here's how it looks with a bit of paint on it:
It's a bit "stubby" but recognisable as a heavy flamer so it will do.

More news in the next update. Stay tuned.

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