Thursday, 15 January 2015

Imperial Guard: Sentinel Platoon (Part 1 - bits in boxes)

I'm taking a break from building my Tau army to work on something I've wanted to do for ages - a full Sentinel Platoon.

I'm fully aware of the problems of Sentinels on the battlefield - they're slow (for a fast-attack option!), fragile, BS3 etc. However, I've always love the aesthetic and have wanted to be able to deploy a full platoon ever since I first got the Apocalypse book. The idea of 10 Sentinels striding across the table (for however short a period they may survive) sounds ace to me.

For my Imperial Guard I omly had two Scout Sentinel models, and they were in a bit of a scrotty state (and after my last hastily-packed-away trip to Warhammer World - both broken).

So about a year ago when this whim last seized me I set about trawling ebay for Sentinel junk lots. I did quite well, picking up 6 scout models in a single auction for under £15, including shipping. They were all in a similar state to my own models - broken at the ankles, weapons snapped off and the cagey-bit around the drivers damaged.

That brought me up to 8 models.

I then managed to pick up 4 Armoured Sentinels in top condition for a small amount of cash - can't remember how much.

I wanted more armoured Sentinels, though, so I hit the bitz shops and picked up some of the plated canopies and some feet and legs to make up what I was missing.

So I start my project like this:
Bagged up legs, hips, feet and and bases

The pilot compartments and weapons

The four intact models

Right - out comes the drill, wire and glue. Chocks away!