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Friday, 23 January 2015

Imperial Guard: Rebasing Project (Part 1 - Ogryns)

Well I've sidetracked myself. Again.

I was well on the path to renovating and adding to my Sentinels by creating a Sentinel Platoon. I had everything assembled, undercoated (black) and had applied a load of masking tape ready to spray a layer of grey over the majority of the models, when I discovered my grey rattlecan was empty.

So I set about deciding what else I needed to do. Big list. Don't get me started.

What did I want to do? Well, since I'm working in my Imperial Guard, let's address a bugbear.

I HATE the bases on my Imperial Guard.

When I did my Valkyrie a while back I drew a line in the sand and decided that I was going to base them the same was as I had done for my Beastmen, Epic Chaos and (more recently) Tau. At some point I hope to be able to build a gaming table so want to establish a consistent look for all my models so they will fit in.

So I figured I'd start with my Ogryns, as apart from the bases being the wrong colour, they were on 40mm square bases and I wanted to move to 40mm round.

This is the unit before:
Photo taken at Warhammer World

And after the change:

You've no doubt noticed that my Ogryns aren't Ogryns at all - they're converted WFB Ogres. Purely by accident - when I bought the first three of them from ebay a few years ago I wasn't paying enough attention. I liked what came in the post and worked with it. Then I decided to add three more so picked up some more Ogres and started playing with Milliput - the result is the models with the berets, tin-helmet and flak jacket.

More Imperial Guard-related stuff:

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