Friday, 26 September 2014

Tau: Tetras (WIP)

I'm busily (well, not really that busily) working on my first vehicle unit - a squadron of Tetra skimmers.

These are resin models produced by Forgeworld and as such constitute two firsts for me:

  • My first experiments with resin,
  • My first airbrushed vehicle.

Tetras are a fast-attack option, much like piranhas but are only armed with twin-linked pulse rifles and a markerlight. They are piloted by pathfinders.

Now these are a long way from being finished and the photos below are a bit haphazard (please forgive me for that) but I'm enjoying working on them so much and so pleased by the results so far that I thought I'd share them.

A lot of the colour hasn't come out too well in the photos - I'll try and do better for the finished articles.
These are the three chassis for the Tetra squadron. Apart from some brush-work to pick up the console details, they're pretty much done.

Here's a shot with the pilots and carapace resting in place, on a base. Obviously the pilots don't yet have arms and the engines need doing.

And the same model from the front. The white carapace isn't going to stay white - my intention is to stencil a digital camo effect on it.

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