Monday, 22 September 2014

Tau: Pathfinders

So here is what was my first Tau unit - a unit of Pathfinders,

I've republished this old post because I've:
  • Added a model to the unit,
  • Repainted the squad leader's flesh,
  • Repainted the drone-controller,
  • Rephotographed the unit on a more interesting backdrop than my sofa ;-)

The keen-eyed amongst you will no doubt notice that only two of the models in this unit are actually "real" Pathfinder models - two old metal ones (the model dead-center and his twin on the far-right).

Most of the others are regular Fire Warriors and the chap with the binoculars is a tank-commander (but binocs seemed appropriate for a scout unit so...).

I make no apologies for this - anyone who's seen my posts before will know I'm a miser who likes to kit-bash and renovate old junk and that's precisely what these guys are. I've simply left off the shoulder pads to denote their scout status.

Seen from behind (which you can't do in this pic) there's another alteration in that I've replaced the regular Tau backpack with one of the small grenade jobbies which fits neatly on, looks like a small air-tank and again makes these guys look a little more "lightweight".

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