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Monday, 11 August 2014

Tau: Musings and a sort of "mission statement"

Well I'm just about to start work on my Tau force and thought that the most surefire way of forcing myself to stick to my guns and follow through on my intentions would be to write them down and make them public.

That way if I wriggle out of doing something, the entire world is vindicated in tearing me apart :-)

In the nicest possible way, of course.

So here is my "Mission Statement":
  1. I will construct this army from at least 75% recycled materials:
    • my Son James' old cast-off Tau Army (2 x devilfish, a couple of kroot and Fire Warrior squads, Aun'Va, Vespids and some broken battlesuits),
    • other people's junk from ebay (drones, another devilfish, more Fire Warriors, more Kroot, battlesuits, Pirhanas),
  2. I will use resin models for the first time - I am planning to obtain some Forgeworld Tetras and a Barracuda,
  3. This army will feature a snow-camouflage paint scheme and be mounted on snow-themed bases (in order to fall in-line with other models I've built recently - the intention is to eventually have all of my armies on bases with the same scheme. I intend to build a gaming table at some point to match),
  4. I will use this project to increase my level of confidence with airbrushing. I have owned an airbrush for some time but have shied away from making proper use of it (my first airbrush was a poor tool and prone to clogging. I have a new one now which seems much better):
    • Every Fire Warrior/Pathfinder/Battlesuit model in the army will feature a significant amount of airbrush work - Zenithal Highlighting is my intention,
    • Every vehicle will feature a digital camouflage pattern, stencilled on. I'm planning to follow the video guide created by "",
  5. I will post a Blog update at least once every week as I progress.
For the greater good
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