Thursday, 7 August 2014

Tau: Inspiration comes from odd places

Whilst I was in the throes of my Epic: Chaos project I was fully intending to get stuck into a Tyranid army next. Then I took my son to see the movie "Escape from planet Earth".

The movie follows the exploits of the "Supernova" brothers, Scorch and Gary.

My intentions took a sharp left turn at that point - all of a sudden I was thinking "Tau in snow camo".

I have boxes of junk minis that I pick up at bargain prices off ebay in fits-and-spurts. I have armies of stuff in boxes that are in various states of disrepair and need fixing and painting. For W40K I have Tau, Tyranid, Eldar and Orks in abundance. Each one is going to be my next project with the order of business flipping around in my head the whole time.

I then forgot all about Tau for a while, until I saw a commercial for a store called "Argos" featuring these guys:

When I went again to see the movie when it was re-shown recently my path was irrevocably set: Tau are next.

So at the moment I'm sorting through my boxes of minis to see what I have and what I need, having picked up the new codex (my purchases were all made from the old one).

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