Monday, 9 July 2018

Blood Bowl: Humans (Garroting'em Forest - Part 1 - Linemen)

Garroting'em Forest - a pun on the English soccer team "Nottingham Forest" with a soupcon of violence added 'cos this is Blood Bowl!

These are more of my antique models, repainted as I can now do far better than I did first time around (25+ years ago!). That said, there's something about these models that I struggled with. I don't know why, but on the whole I'm dissatisfied with them. I'm also a little burnt out on them, so I think they will stay as they are. I won't revisit them again.

And as they are antiques, things have inevitably evolved around them.

Back when these guys were made, Humans could field Kickers and Blockers as well as the Blitzers, Throwers, Catchers and Linemen that they can field these days.

So I've re-purposed Blockers as Linemen and Kickers as Throwers.

So, for your viewing pleasure, Old-style Blockers:

Old-style Linemen:

And the collected Linemen of Garroting'em Forest:

More Garroting'em Forest stuff:

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