Monday, 27 March 2017

Nurgle Knight Titans: Part 3

More Green Stuff! Mooore Greeeeen Stuuuuffff!

I'm having a ball working on these conversions. I'm no sculptor (I'm sure you can tell!) but I'm really enjoying the business of layering up the various layers to make 3D amendments to models. It's not something I do very often and I do tend to get a bit nervous about it but I'm having fun so I will keep going.

It's difficult for me to decide how far to go. GW/Citadel have produced these highly detailed, intricate models. I can't hope to match the skill of the original ladies & gents that had a hand in designing and modelling them, so I don't want to go too far with my own crude sculpting, but by the same token I do need to try to represent the Chaos and Corruption of the plague god so I can't pull it back too far.

Constructive criticism is welcome - especially if you have an idea for a feature that I can add to the model besides the buboes/ruptures/etc. that I've already done.

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