Friday, 14 August 2015

Tau: Tanks (part 3 - engines)

Work hasn't been progressing as quickly as I'd like on this project but I'm still making progress which can only be positive, I guess.

I've focussed on the engine pods in my last session. I added a little grey to the black areas to pick them up a little as the contrast with the hulls was too severe. The main Devilfish hull in the photo below hasn't had this treatment yet:

I've added the same engine glow as I've used on my other Tau models, but haven't gone back over the edges of the vents yet with black - I'll get to that when I detail the models.

My intention next is to get the hulls of the other tanks up to the same stage as this one and then apply the grey highlights to them all to get them to the same stage as the engine pods. I've got a few errors to correct too (bits of overspray here and there).

After that I need to turn my attention to a bag of bits I haven't looked at yet - turrets, hatches, railguns and suchlike).

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