Thursday, 13 November 2014

Tau: Working with Skyrays - Part 2 (Quick Tip)

Aaaaaaages ago I wrote a post called "Working with Skyrays - Part 1" after noting that Citadel had been generous in the Skyray model insomuch as with a small amount of work you could use it as a Devilfish or a Hammerhead.

Well, I figured I was overdue to write part 2 and here it is.

I started by cutting a circle of plasticard to cover the hole where the under-turret fits on. I glued a disc magnet to it (actually two - there's one hidden underneath the plasticard too just for a bit of extra "attractiness").

I drilled a hole through the cover where the "peg" normally fits on and then covered that hole with a spare Fire Warrior grenade. Into the hole I glued two small magnets to act as a replacement for the peg and also to attract to the disc magnet shown in the picture above.

I glued a bit of sprue with a magnet in it into the turret itself

Here you can see the turret sitting on the cover (from the 2nd pic above)

I chopped the back off a burst cannon and put a magnet in so it could attach to the turret

and fixed another magnet inside the sensor array using green-stuff

Here you can see the sensor on the turret

and now I can put the whole thing together with sensors (like the Skyray/Hammerhead)...

...or with the burst cannon (like the Devilfish)

And in part 3, I'll tackle dealing with the Skyray and Hammerhead's main weapons.

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