Sunday, 30 November 2014

Tau: Family Album

There was a comment made recently about a post I wrote which basically said "Nice models, but the sofa you stood them on for the photos doesn't do them justice." I'd been thinking about constructing a backdrop for my photos for a while and that provided the impetus for me to actually do it.

It's not complete yet as I'm not happy with the quality of the picture behind the models - the way it's been glued to the box I've used as a framework is shocking. I learn as I go and will (as soon as I can find some) print it out again and attach it to a sheet of A2 card that will eradicate the creasing you can see.

For now, though, here is my Tau army, rephotographed.

My first Fire Warrior Squad...
My first Fire Warrior Squad (different angle)... 
My first Fire Warrior Squad (different angle)...

Piranhas - drones will be added later

Another angle on the Piranhas

Riptide with Ion Cannon

Same  Riptide, but with the Ion Cannon swapped out (I love magnets!)

Same Riptide, different angle

Some Tetras

Same Tetras, different angle

My Barracuda's base
Barracuda - another angle
Pathfinders. Mostly actually Fire Warriors with grenades in place of backpacks and no shoulder pads. The squad leader is a tank commander model from the Devilfish kit. The binoculars seemed appropriate for the squad.
My second Fire Warrior squad

My second Fire Warrior squad - different angle

Other Tau-related stuff: