Friday, 3 October 2014

Tau: Tetras (Complete)

It so nearly went horribly, horribly wrong!

My plan according to my "mission statement" was to attempt a digital camo pattern on my vehicles.

In one sense I completed that mission in as much as I attempted it. In another sense I failed miserably as the end result was shocking. Utterly horrible. A combination of poor stencilling/masking and a poor choice of colours caused an abject failure.

I did go some way towards proving it could be done, but the process was so painstakingly slow on these three Tetras that the thought of applying it to them again, then moving on to three Piranhas and five Devilfish/Hammerhead/Skyrays and 30-odd Drones was just too daunting to face.

So I took a step back and simply applied the same techniques I'd used on my Pathfinders and totally fell in love with the results. I think these are probably the best W40K vehicles I've done so far.

A close-up to show some console detail

Really looking forward to tackling the rest now, which is nice as I was dreading it before!

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