Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tau: Riptide (WIP Part 1)

So on to the next part of the Tau army.

I'm gaining more confidence with the airbrush with everything I do and am determined to make extensive use of it in this project. I've started work on assembly and painting of the Riptide model - I've built it in sections that I can try and paint without too much overspray so I can keep the lines neat where possible.

I started off by building the Riptide's legs (feet, calves & thighs) as two separate items, the hips were built separately, as were the armour plates on the thighs (only one shown here).

The black parts of the legs were a bit of a challenge - I sprayed them black (easy enough) and then needed to work out a way of doing some highlights. I started off applying a blue colour to match with the blue cloth highlights on my Fire Warriors, but I didn't like the effect so painted them black again and then highlighted in a Vallejo dark grey colour before dusting with white.

They were then given a very light drybrushing with a mid-grey colour to pick up some edges.

I'm not done with these legs yet - I want to do more with the rounded disks with the slots in.

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