Friday, 4 April 2014

Epic: Chaos Marines - Squats

Here is my first unit of "man-sized" troops for my growing Epic Chaos force.

I'm painting these up as the whim takes me - there's no particular order to what I'm doing (which might explain why I haven't yet painted any Marines for my Chaos Marine army).

Anyway, here's the first detachment:

And, here's the second detachment:
I'm keeping the colour scheme minimal on this army as there's not enough room on the models to do much else. Not that they're lacking in detail (they're not) but too many different colours would just look silly.

So - they were spray basecoated in black, then given two layers of airbrushed colour (olive green and dark yellow) from above. The gloves and belt-pouches were picked out in brown, the guns in gold (and then given a brown ink wash) and the helmet horns painted with Citadel "putrid green" and highlighted with "bilious green".

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